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Hi! Henry the Stephenson House mouse is back again! Yes sir, I am back in town and so glad to be here. Cousin Jake and I rolled in just a couple days ago and what a wonderful sight greeted us! We just sat in awe as a colossal sunset enhanced all the glory, warmth and charm of Col. Ben's house. It surely is a wondrous sight to behold! The newly painted Essex Green shutters look magnificent against the old brick and the soft Devon Cream paint on the windows, trim and porch radiates warm charm to the entire setting. How do you think Ol' Henry knew the paint colors? Hey, I listen when Joe talks and I remember! Golly, Cousin Jake and I were so excited to see the outside of the house returned to the elegance and charm of when Col. Ben and Lucy moved in. The Friends of the Stephenson House have accomplished a lot over the summer and Cousin Jake and Ol' Henry think you are a great group!

As the sun went down and darkness crept in, Cousin Jake headed uptown to his family and I got to spend my first night home in Keith's truck. Now, that was a treat! Ol' Henry was gone so long that all my openings to "my" house had been sealed shut with brick and I really could not find a way in.
The next morning I got an eye-opener when I really realized how much has happened around here! You all have been seeing it occur, but it's all new to Henry! There is a garden and folks eating the produce from the Heritage seeds planted in early July! They are special seeds that came from gardens planted by Thomas Jefferson at his house. I heard that the pole beans, the acorn and yellow squash and the white, yes, white, cucumbers are really good. Muskmelon from old time seeds will be coming in soon! Personally, I'm eyeing the sunflower seeds for my snacks! The garden fence and the swinging gate built by Larry are a great piece of craftsmanship. Check out the terrific design of the fence when you come by.

Everywhere Henry looks there is something new! Herbs from Bivens' Farms are growing by the house foundation and in the garden. The sidewalks are completed and the formal garden has been started. And, you need to take a look at how the fruit trees have grown. Incredible!
Hey, there were better surprises ahead for me when I finally got inside 'my' house! The brick walls are now covered with plaster and the original beams that support the roof are covered with new ceilings. All the millwork and mantels have been installed and painted with a primer coat. So much has happened while I was on vacation visiting my Stephenson House relatives that Ol' Henry is absolutely speechless!

Henry here will get a better handle on all that has happened around 'my' house and update you all. Right now, I see that all my hidey places have disappeared with the plastering. So, I am now on a search for new hidey spots when I can see what is going on and still remain hidden! Plus, I need to find a place for my fluffy bed, as ya' know, I can't sleep in Keith's truck forever. The truth is that Keith's truck is a safe place for me because I have to keep an eye out for the big, fat black cat that was around when I left on vacation. I certainly hope that cat has found a different place to hangout because I have an idea what he eats to get so fat! I think he would like a mouse for dinner and I don't want that mouse to be me.

There is one big happening coming up that I heard about my first day back. The 50/50 Auction is ready to go right here in my yard and on "my" new parking lot at 10:30 AM on Saturday, September 16th. I heard that Jim and Sid have so many great items that they had to rent storage space! Now, isn't that wonderful? Those two are so happy to have such a great number of fine quality items for the auction! As they say, "what more could one ask!" Well, Henry asks you to bring a friend to the 50/50 Auction on September 16 and each take home an antique treasure. It will be a great day for everyone!

Folks, I am so far behind on just about everything including unpacking and doing laundry that I am heading out. Cousin Jake and I just want you to know that we had a fun vacation with the relatives and will tell you all about it later. Right now, Henry has got to get a move on and do laundry and check out things around 'my' house.

See ya' later,

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